Dallas Maritime Museum Foundation

About DMMF and DMM

What is the Dallas Maritime Museum Foundation (DMMF) ?

DMMF is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a patriotic and educational vision to celebrate and honor the contributions of the North Texas Region to the maritime services of the United States. The tribute will be organized around a Maritime Museum featuring Navy and other vessels. Additionally the North Texas region's contribution to all military services will be included.  The DMMF's mission is to support and operate the Dallas Maritime Museum (DMM).

To accomplish our mission, we:

  • Partner with a coalition of support that is fundamental to bringing this visionary project to reality and providing for long term economic and community benefit.
  • Raise support for the Dallas Maritime Museum through a network consisting of local citizenry, public officials, economic development, architectural, finance, military, DOD industry and maritime professionals.
  • Educate the public through tours, videos, activities and events about the historical significance of the submarine USS Dallas, Presidential yacht USS Sequoia, other vessels and the important historical US events they contributed to.
  • Promote the educational and cultural contribution the Dallas Maritime Museum will add to our city as a vibrant and viable place to live and work.
  • Honor the commitment and sacrifices that Navy and other maritime service men and women, military veterans,  and civilian DOD industry personel have made for their country by providing a venue that recognizes and supports their contributions.

Why is there a need for the Dallas Maritime Museum (DMM) ?


  • Educationally the DMM will offer a number of formal and informal education programs. It will be an experience that supports students’ classroom studies in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM subjects) along with history and civics.  Hands-on learning has proven to be highly effective in supporting traditional educational approaches.  For example, the goal of the DMM will be to provide a hands on enhanced submarine learning opportunity leveraging a full scale USS Dallas experience.
  • Culturally a community is richer by having the tangible presence of historical artifacts representative of its stories and legacy. The historical events that the USS Dallas, USS Sequoia and other significant vessels represent will be preserved in a unique manner, providing intrinsic value to the North Texas region.  The museum will be a place for visitors from the US and the world to visit.
  • Economically the community benefits from the enhanced tourism dollars created by an additional high profile attraction offering a unique tourism opportunity.  The DMM will offer facilities and venues for events such as social events, company meetings, weddings, conferences and overnight experiences.
  • Socially a community benefits when citizens take pride in history and mutual concern for the protection of our country.  For example, the U.S. Navy could reap recruiting benefits as a result of the museum experience by a potential recruit.
  • Developmentally the Trinity River Corridor Project and the continued growth of Dallas create real estate development opportunities in the southwest quadrant. The DMM will enhance the project by creating a highly visible entity at a strategic location, and creating visitor flows and public activity in the location.  This project can enhance the overall Trinity River Corridor by increasing the critical mass of attractions and in supporting the development of compatible uses nearby.
  • Environmentally the DMM, its vessels and landscape orientation will provide a crucial visual and activity link between the downtown/convention center area and the entire Trinity River Corridor Project. The Trinity River Corridor is an important quality of life project for Dallas.